November 2014


[GUIDE]Hunting Path of Exile Items along The Coast in Act I


 The Coast is the next area Path of Exile players will encounter after the town of Lioneye’s Watch. Like most maps, it contains numerous monters, and a portal to the rest of the areas in Act I. Collectors of POE items can also encounter their first unique monster here. Getting your hunter of Path of Exile items here Connected to the town of Lioneye’s Watch on the left side of the map, The Coast covers hilly terrain, as well as a stretch of shoreline. Players can access The Mud Flats via points on the right and bottom of this map….


The Start of your Hunt for Path of Exile Items in Act I


 The Land of the Damned known as Wraeclast in Path of Exile is only accessible by boat. New players start the game with their Exile washed up on the shore of the island following disaster at sea. They will find themselves in the first map of Act I known as The Twilight Strand. It is here they start their life as an Exile and a collector of POE items. Starting Path of Exile items As the starting area of the first Act of the game, characters that have just been created get some free items in The Twilight Strand. New…