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POE Guide

Skills that Help You in Path of Exile – POE Guide


 Path of Exile players get more than just masters in the newest update for the game. Forsaken Masters also add Quest Trackers and tutorials to the game. Players will also get to use new active skill gems when hunting POE Currency. The new mini-expansion added optional Quest Trackers to the game. This new feature displays the current quest objectives on the right side of the screen. With the new Master Missions, this can help players remember what tasks they need to accomplish. New comers to the game will also benefit from the new patch. Various new tutorials have been added…

POE Discussion

Why Bow Users Don’t Have Mobility Skills in Path of Exile


 Bow users are capable of dealing damage without taking too much damage through utilizing distance with the right POE Currency. A monster’s proximity is quite limited when against bow users, as they might already took a lot of damage before closing the gap of distance between the bow user and monster. The question is: Do bow users need a mobility skill like flame dash? Some players argue about bow users deserve a mobility skill. Probably these are still having a hard time despite of their range capabilities. Or not utilizing the mechanics of range attacks. The Range Having range at…

POE Guide

Guide to The Tidal Island – Path of Exile Guide


 Visible from The Coast, The Tidal Island is an area along The Shore in Path of Exile’s first Act. Collectors of Path of Exile Currency can encounter monsters and a unique Cannibal in this map. It is also related to one of the quests players can take up in Act I. Reaching the island The Tidal Island is a small isle with a shipwreck. It has no waypoint so hunters of POE Currency will need to make their way to it from The Coast. Players enter this area from the top of the island and can make their way to the ship…

POE Discussion

The Pure Intelligence Witch Class – Path of Exile Class Discussion


 The classes Exiles in Path of Exile can become are categorized into two: Pure and Hybrids. This is determined by the stats the class will focus on. For pure Intelligence, the associated class is the Witch. This wielder of elements and dark arts is the perfect collector of POE currency for players who have a penchant for ranged combat. She also has access to curses that can easily debuff and debilitate those who seek to do her harm. Pure intelligence The Witch is the pure intelligence class of the game. Majority of her skills and abilities are reliant on the Intelligence…

POE Guide

Crafting with Haku, Armourmaster in Path of Exile


 Haku, Armormaster is the second Forsaken Master for Path of Exile’s next expansion. This master seeks to purge the corruption from Wraeclast with the help of the player and the spirits of fallen warriors and great ancestors. Haku is also the master to seek if you want to mod POE Currency, specifically armor pieces. Seeking help from Ancestors Players seeking to gain reputation and favor from Haku will need to take on combat oriented missions. This master who seeks to cleanse Wraeclast of the corruption that plagues it will ask players to seek help from warriors and ancestors. These come…

POE Guide

Dual Axe Wielding Weapon Slapping Build in Path of Exile


 We’ve tackled the pros and cons, offensive mechanics and passive skill build. In the second part we are going to discuss the build’s defensive mechanics, mana management and bandit rewards. Again, this build is balanced, expecting a very high amount of damage won’t be possible with this build, and a robust defense would not also be possible. If you happen to have a desire to one of those character compositions, then, you might be looking on the wrong scion build in hunting for POE Currency. Dual Axe Build: Defensive Mechanics The POE Currency build has robust amount of health. Going back…

POE Discussion

Ranks and Rewards in Hunting in Path of Exile


 The Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon filled with traps, puzzles and monsters and with the chance of Path of Exile Currency. After having completed the Trials of Ascendancy in the current difficulty level, the player can enter the Labyrinth through the Statue of the Goddess in The Sarn Encampment. The traps from the Trials of Ascendancy (and one trap that was not showcased there) are combined in gauntlets throughout the Labyrinth. Its random level generation extends beyond single areas and affects the entire Labyrinth at once. Ranks Players are ranked based on how quickly they have completed the Labyrinth….

POE Guide

Currency and Item List: Picking the Loot Items in Path of Exile


 Every MMORPG games have worthy items and crappy items. As a beginner you don’t have an idea which is the worthy item and not. This handy little guide in hunting POE Currency will show you which are valuable item and the rubbish ones. After reading the guide, you won’t have any doubts about picking or dropping an item that has no value. Items to pick up Here is a list of POE items that are valuable: Currency Items – Obviously, path of exile is being run by currency. These are what you’ll need when trading path of exile items. Pick all…

POE Guide

Semi-Complex Dancing Duelist Prioritizing DPS – Path of Exile


 The convenient thing about this build is duelists can use it on early levels and improve it later on, as you progress in the game. Normally, you wouldn’t have a hard time completing the standard items of this build in thing POE Currency. POE Build for Dancing FrenzyBreaker Duelist: Pros and Cons Pros: Very fast damage per second. It can easily drain a monster and boss’ hp, if you build up all your charges and use Enfeeble. Consider using the items, especially equip the right shield! The skill blood dance gives massive amount of health regeneration. It has enormous resistance to…

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