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POE Guide

Hideouts: A Place to Keep Your Collections in Path of Exile


 The Forsaken Masters mini-expansion for Path of Exile added Hideouts to the game. This new feature allows players to have an area their character can call home. Aside from offering storage for their POE Currency, Hideouts are also integral to the masters system introduced by the update. These new NPCs take up residence in a player’s Hideout while offering their unique services. A hideout As an integral part of the Master system, players can acquire a Hideout through these special NPCs. Once a master reaches level 3, he or she will offer the character his or her Hideout. From that…

POE Guide

Guide to the Fetid Pool – Path of Exile Guide


 Path of Exile players hunting for extra POE Currency can find them in The Fetid Pool optional area in Act I. This area hosts several monsters, a quest, and a unique Necromancer. The Fetid Pool also has a chance to spawn a corrupted area where players can get Vaal Skill Gems. How to get your collector of Path of Exile Currency there The Fetid Pool is an optional area connected to The Mud Flats. There are no waypoints on this map and the only way in or out is at the bottom of the area. Players will find a large muddy pool…

POE Guide

Other Dimensions in the Beyond League – Path of Exile


 The Beyond League is one of two leagues added to Path of Exile in a content update. The league features a game mechanic that summons extradimensional creatures. The added challenge of course rewards players with more POE currency and Path of Exile Orbs. Beyond also features items that can only be obtained in this league. Go hardcore The Beyond League added on August 20, 2014 is a hardcore challenge league players can play in. It will run for three months and will last until November 20, 2014. As a hardcore league, characters that die during the three months will be sent to…

POE Discussion

X – Class Intro with Stats in Path of Exile


 Path of Exile uses three main attributes in hunting for POE Currency– strength, dexterity, and intelligence – and its seven playable character classes (also called core classes) are each associated with one or more attributes. The player chooses a class for his character in the character creation screen. Each character class has a different starting location on the passive skill tree, starting attributes and statistics and quest rewards. Class and Stats Specializing Upon completing the Labyrinth, players can specialize their character by choosing an Ascendancy subclass. The subclasses available depend on the character class chosen. The following stats are the…

POE Updates

The Forsaken Masters can Add Sockets in Path of Exile


 The new Forsaken Master content update for Path of Exile will add new ways for players to customize their items. This includes modifying sockets on their items using Crafting Benches provided by the Masters. While the new methods will be more straightforward to use, it will not replace customization using Path of Exile Currency. New ways to customize Part of the features introduced by the Forsaken Masters content update is the Crafting Bench. Once a player has successfully invited a master to their Hideout, they will have access to his Crafting Bench. Depending on the Master, what you can craft…

POE Discussion

Loremaster Elreon Preview in Path of Exile – POE Discussion


 An exclusive look at a new Forsaken Master for Path of Exile’s upcoming content patch has been posted. The third master revealed, Elreon, Loremaster, will give players challenging missions revolving around relics. This master will also allow players of the game to craft and customize jewelry POE Currency. Templar Master The Loremaster Elreon was once a part of the Templar order before he was exiled to Wraeclast. His beliefs shaken, he now seeks death and martyrdom to finally stand at God’s side. Players will encounter this master in the game protecting various relics against hordes of monster out to corrupt…

POE Guide

Rest and Ruins in Path of Exile – Path of Exile Guide


 When starting a new game, Path of Exile players are thrown into the midst of battle. They will first need to dance with the undead and a boss monster before they can find respite. It is in the small town of Lioneye’s Watch that they find their rest in Act I of the game. Here is where collectors of POE Currency get to meet the first NPCs and other Exiles in Wraeclast. Rest and Ruins in POE, let’s see! Resting Each Act in the game contains one town or haven players can go to, to rest and recuperate. For The Shore,…

POE Discussion

Meet Catarina, Master of the Dead – Path of Exile Discussion


 Grinding Gear Games in cooperation with MMORPG has released information for Path of Exile’s upcoming content patch. Catarina, Master of the Dead is the fourth master for the Forsaken Masters content update. Players will help her with her nefarious experiments with the undead. In turn, she will help you with crafting spell casting POE Currency. Undead Experiments Players who encounter Catarina will be given missions that revolve around her experiments with the undead. Characters will often be tasked with finding a corpse, reanimating it and bringing it back to the Witch master. However, the corpses will not always be a…


Crafting inside the Game for Path of Exile Currency


 Almost all of MMORPG nowadays have their own crafting system. This type of game feature makes an MMORPG interesting, as it makes people experiment and explore the wonders of crafting equipment and the joy of crafting rare or unique items. This guide will show you the basics of Items for POE Currency. Basic Source of Path of Exile Currency The basic of crafting items will utilize 3 types of orb. These orbs might transform your white item into either magic or rare item. Orb of Transmutation – This orb will upgrade the white item into magic item. Orb of Chance –…

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