[GUIDE] Path of Exile Items Basics – Item Level (Part I)


You will come across a lot of items you can improve while playing Path of Exile. With Orbs, you can change these Path of Exile items into better ones. How do you tell which items are worth upgrading though? This guide will teach you about Item Levels how this will help you pick your item upgrades.



How to find the Item Level of your Path of Exile items

The Item Level is a hidden statistic so it does not show in the description of Path of Exile items. It can easily be found by doing any of the following:

  • Select an item and in the chat box type /itemlevel. The chat box will then report the Item Level.
  • While trading, mouse-over an item while holding ALT. The Item Level will show up next to the pointer.
  • Point your cursor at a linked item in chat, and press CTRL + C. The item’s information will be copied to your clipboard, including the Item Level.

Effects of Item Level on Path of Exile items

Affixes and sockets found on an item are determined using its Item Level. Magic and Rare Path of Exile items can only have affixes whose level are less than or equal to the item’s Item Level. For sockets, the game uses the chart below:

Max # of Sockets*

Minimum Item Level













*Limits per item type still apply.

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