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New Dexterity Skills for Hunters of Path of Exile Items in Patch 1.3.0


 The most recent patch for Path of Exile added several new skill gems. Three of these are Dexterity based. Two of the three are especially useful for hunters of POE items that use bows. The third skill is designed for dual-wielding characters. Cloning your collector of Path of Exile items Positioning is important if you are a bow user. It is very easy to get killed if you end up cornered by swarm of enemies. Before the patch, bow users’ only counter for this kind of situation is Lightning Warp. Patch 1.3.0 however introduced the Blink Arrow dexterity skill gem….


Getting your Collector of Path of Exile Items into the PvP Invitational


 In a previous article we covered the new PvP Tournament Season introduced by Patch 1.3.0 of Path of Exile. Along with the new tournament season is a PvP invitational that will pit the best collectors of POE items against each other. The patch also adds a new rating system to better help Exiles who like to PvP find opponents that will give them a challenge. Invitational tourney for collectors of Path of Exile items Exile who like to collect Path of Exile Orbs and items who are also dedicated PvPers can finally see who the best is. The weekend of…


Get your Path of Exile Items through PvP Tournament Season One


 Path of Exile’s Patch 1.3.0 brings new content for PvP fans. Collectors of POE items can participate in the upcoming PvP Tournaments to get Path of Exile items. Similar to the Races the new tourneys will be divided into seasons with the first starting on December 20. Players can then participate in the events to obtain points that can be used to obtain Path of Exile items. Blitz for Path of Exile items Each season of the PvP Tournaments will contain Standard and Hardcore events. Competing in these events will earn players points which can be used to obtain items…


Fishing Path of Exile Items out of the Flooded Depths in Act I


 Acts in Path of Exile are not straight path affairs. There are often side areas collectors of POE items can go through to collect Path of Exile Orbs and items. One such optional area is The Flooded Depths. Here players can encounter undead and finish a quest. Getting your collector of Path of Exile items in Access to the Flooded Depths is strictly through the Lower Submerged Passage as the area has no waypoints. As implied in the name, this area is largely occupied with water. Players can navigate the Flooded Depths through bridges that are scattered in the map….


Skill Tree Updates and More Path of Exile Items Coming in Patch 1.3.0


 Path of Exile’s Patch 1.3.0 is due to come out on December 12. That doesn’t mean we can’t take a sneak peek at its contents. In the coming patch, players get all new POE items. The patch also brings changes to the Passive Skill Tree. Lovers of player versus player content will be able to make characters dedicated to the fight. Skill tree changes for collectors of Path of Exile items The upcoming patch will introduce changes to the passive skill tree. In particular, the sections for the Templar, Duelist and Marauders have been worked over. This is in line…


[GUIDE]Hunting Path of Exile Items along The Coast in Act I


 The Coast is the next area Path of Exile players will encounter after the town of Lioneye’s Watch. Like most maps, it contains numerous monters, and a portal to the rest of the areas in Act I. Collectors of POE items can also encounter their first unique monster here. Getting your hunter of Path of Exile items here Connected to the town of Lioneye’s Watch on the left side of the map, The Coast covers hilly terrain, as well as a stretch of shoreline. Players can access The Mud Flats via points on the right and bottom of this map….


The Start of your Hunt for Path of Exile Items in Act I


 The Land of the Damned known as Wraeclast in Path of Exile is only accessible by boat. New players start the game with their Exile washed up on the shore of the island following disaster at sea. They will find themselves in the first map of Act I known as The Twilight Strand. It is here they start their life as an Exile and a collector of POE items. Starting Path of Exile items As the starting area of the first Act of the game, characters that have just been created get some free items in The Twilight Strand. New…


Special Halloween Path of Exile Items from the Microtransaction Shop


 Halloween is coming and Path of Exile is helping collectors of POE items celebrate. Halloween themed items can be obtained from the Microtransaction shop. Players can get decorations for their Hideout, as well as cosmetic skins for their equipment. Old items are also still on sale for the player to get. Bundled Microtransaction Path of Exile items To help celebrate the scary season, players can now purchase Jack-o’-Lantern headgear skins for their characters. Also available is a Rolling Head pet that will follow your character around as you hunt Path of Exile items in the game. There are also Pumpkin…


Unique Path of Exile Items from Race Season 9 and the Microtransaction Shop


 Competitive Path of Exile players can get Path of Exile items and more in Season 9 of the Races. Several POE items are up for grabs along with the prestige of placing high on the rankings. Collectors will also be happy to know that Halloween themed items are now available from the Microtransaction shop. When can you get your Path of Exile items Season Nine runs from October 25 until November 21. During this period, players can participate in 120 events. These range in duration from a matter of minutes to challenges that take a whole month. For this season,…

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