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Patch 1.2.3 Overview for Collectors of Path of Exile Items


 Path of Exile’s Patch 1.2.3 went live over the weekend. That patch added new Microtransaction POE items. It also modified a majority of the missions issued by Masters. Certain elements of the mission variations have been removed while new variations have been added. Hideouts also received minor changes to make them easier to obtain. Hideout changes for collectors of Path of Exile items The new patch reduces the level required to upgrade the size of a character’s Hideout. From levels 6 and 8, the content update lowers the Hideout upgrade level requirement to 5 and 7. Those looking for mods…


Path of Exile Items from Helping Tora, Master of the Hunt


 Another master has been revealed for Path of Exile’s Forsaken Masters content update. Tora, Master of the Hunt will be asking gatherers of Path of Exile items for help in restoring balance to nature. This bow wielding master hunter has made it her goal to rid Wraeclast of corruption affecting the flora and fauna. It is up to the player to help her accomplish this task. Saving nature for Path of Exile items Every one of the Forsaken Masters have a goal and reason that drives them to become masters of their craft. For Tora, Master of the Hunt, it…


Path of Exile Items and In Forsaken Masters Content Update


 The next content update for Path of Exile will be released on August 20, 2014. Called Forsaken Masters, the new expansion will add new content and features to the game. Among these is the update’s namesake, the Forsaken Masters. New POE items, quests and ways to craft equipment are also included in the new update. New content for hunters of Path of Exile items The new expansion will be adding several new features to the game including the eponymous Forsaken Masters. These new NPCs will be giving out new quests, hideouts, and improvements to player characters. Changes to the passive…