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[Guide] Essential Tank Templar Build for POE Items Collector Part 2


 We discussed the recommended gears and passive skills build. The gears’ highlight is getting as much as armor as you can. The same goes for passive skills build, but some points are invested in offensive nodes, not defensive nodes alone. The build is super simple, you go pick up your shield, get as much as defense and charge into the enemy’s face. This article will discuss the skill gems, flasks and the play style/strategies Tank Templar Build for POE Items Collector: Skill Gems First Cast When Damage Taken – leaving this trigger gem at the recommended level, which is level…


[Guide] Essential Tank Templar Build for POE Items Collectors Part 1


 Carl Von Clausewitz said “the best defense is a good offense.” That said, it does not necessarily works on every game. However, the principle applies in path of exile. Because the game features skill spamming that would make squishy characters melt when skill spammed. Talk about skill spamming, no skill is weak if a player can spam it. Investing a lot of defensive mechanisms in the game is an omega huge advantage. As a tank with a skill spamming capability, the word tank is not a metaphor anymore, it literally means tank, with cannons and heavy armored vehicle. Tank Templar…


[Guide] Essential Build to Shadow Dual Claws for POE Items Collectors Part 1


 The true vampire class in the game, with its insane life leech with monsters that instantly fills the character’s heal points pool. Furthermore, it has a hasty attack speed that will leave a person in awe. It specializes in melee attacks while stealing health points from its adversary. The fast attack speed and life stealing capability would make vampire fanatics to play as shadow in path of exile. This article will tackle the dual claws of shadow build in path of exile. Dual Claws Build for POE Items Collectors: Pros This build only has one advantage, which is enormous life…


[Ranger Build] A Guide to Lightning Ranger Build for POE Items Farmers


 This build would be one of the coolest builds in path of exile. The build makes the ranger class cool, because of its lightning effects. The build will primarily focus on massive upgrade of lightning damage. The lightning and bow would be the bread and butter of this build. This blog post will cover the crucial information about lightning ranger build. Recommended POE Items These poe items might cost a player a lot, but it’s really worth the price! The build is superb and can wipe dungeon monsters easily with cool lightning attacks. List of path of exile items: Voltaxic…


Dual Axe Wielding Weapon Slapping Build for POE Items Collector Part 1


 This build is a melee class scion that takes advantage from the physical to lightning damage support gem. This build primarily focus on taking advantage of the lightning damage and debuffing, which increases the damage taken by monsters by 50%. Veteran players might not find this build pleasant. This build isn’t simply the best, but a new player friendly build. Its equipment are cheap and as the player hops levels, the equipment dropped by monsters alone are enough to scale a decent amount of damage.   Dual Axe Build for POE Items Collector: Pros and Cons Pros: As referred in…


Update about POE Items, New Maps, Divination Cards and Hideout of the Week


 Be fascinated with POE’s enticing update! Here are some updates to heat up your summer solstice. This article includes the two unique weapons developed by POE supporters, Divination of cards and the hideout of the week called: The First Zoo of Wraclast. These are the new updates for the first two weeks of June. Expect more updates to come that will twist the temperature! POE Items News: Upcoming Unique Weapons POE players don’t favor the art of the two new items called: Death’s Hand Karui Sceptre and Callinellus Malleus Auric Mace. As the item name’s sounds cheesy enough for the…


Essential Marauder POE Items, Skill Build and Recommended Gears Guide


 Marauder focuses on improving its brute strength. There are so many builds about marauder, some builds focus on dealing damage, which uses two handed weapon, but less defense. This guide, however, will cover the marauder’s weapon and shield utilization for mediocre attack damage and defense. This build will overpower some physical damage dealing monsters. POE Items and Necessary Gears The build’s goal is to get as much as defense as possible, while having the damage high enough to be able to clear a mob the fastest way possible. These factors are required to farm POE items and later on sell…


Path of Exile Items that will boost your character stats


 Path of Exile Items that will boost your character stats will let you know about how to match your item to your character’s stats. Most MMORPGs have an attribute system and Path of Exile is no different.  To become a successful collector of Path of Exile items, one should know how these stats affect one’s character. Strength is one of these attributes and can directly affect a character’s life and damage potential. Strength benefits for your hunter of Path of Exile items A character’s strength determines how much damage and life they will have. It is also a requirement for…


Filters for Path of Exile Items Announced for Upcoming Expansion


 For quite some time now collectors of Path of Exile items have requested for a way to filter POE items. The point of filtering is to hide or highlight items that players are interested in. Unfortunately, with the diversity of items available, this has feature has been put off until now. The upcoming expansion to the game will finally allow players to filter items. Scripts to filter Path of Exile items While you can get the POE items you want easily when you buy Path of Exile items, it isn’t exactly free. However, in the upcoming expansion, Exiles can filter…

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