Grinding Gear Games

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Path of Exile Items from Traversing The Lower Submerged Passage


 Path of Exile players on the first act of the game will come across The Lower Submerged Passage. This area connects several maps in the area making a good spot to go to when farming POE items. It also holds a waypoint. This guide will go over the details of this area. Getting your collector of Path of Exile items there Players can easily access The Lower Submerged Passage through a waypoint. For those venturing into this area for the first time, they will have to go through The Mud Flats first. This area is also connected to The Flooded…


Path of exile items affects your league?


 When starting a character in Path of Exile, players will be asked which League to join. This can be confusing at first, but this guide will help you choose which is best for hunting for Path of Exile items. Standard League for easy Path of Exile items Dying is a normal part of any video game. It can be frustrating however, especially when you’re farming for Path of Exile items. Thankfully, in Standard League players don’t need to worry about it too much as monsters do not gain unfair power-ups. No modifiers here and everything is perfectly normal. Do you get awesome…


Path of Exile Items usage for Passive Path


 Passive skills in Path of Exile are implemented in a way that can be quite daunting to first time players. Thankfully, if you take time to understand the system, it’s actually very simple. Check this guide on how you can use this system to make your good Path of Exile items greater.   Passive skill benefits to Path of Exile items As a character goes up in level and completes specific quests, he/she will gain Passive Skill Points that can be used on the Passive Skill “Tree.” This network is composed of nodes that either give direct increases to attributes…


No path of exile item rewards will be given to cheaters who has been warned


 No path of exile item rewards will be given to cheaters who has been warned. Like all of us mostly knew, that third party programs or aka bots or cheat hacks often exist in mostly in every game. With the said existence of the said programs or macros that are being used by players to fasten and take advantage for their benefit to be advance in game, it is being hunted down by game publishers and tries hard to put an end to it.   Ban hammers for path of exile items macro users In other MMOg, whenever a game…


Get Path of Exile Items from the Hall of Grandmasters in Patch 1.3.1


 Grinding Gear Games has announced that when the Hall of Grandmasters will be added in upcoming patch 1.3.1 for Path of Exile. This feature that has been announced last year will have collectors of POE items battle “ghosts” of fellow Exiles. It will be by far the hardest map in the game. Fighting fellow collectors of Path of Exile items After a long wait, the Hall of Grandmasters is finally coming to Path of Exile. The special map will be introduced in patch 1.3.1 as a level 69 unique map. Exiles will encounter this map at the same frequency as…


Changes to Bloodlines PvP Skills for Collectors of Path of Exile Items


 Path of Exile has come out with an announcement for upcoming Patch 1.3.1 to address concerns by hunters of POE items. Owing to the success of the recently finished PvP Season, skills will adjust to better fit the new player versus player content. Bloodlines mods will also be altered following the concern of many players. The update will also release new Microtransaction Path of Exile items. Easier Path of Exile items from Bloodlines Several changes will be implemented to Bloodlines mods come patch 1.3.1. Among these, Phylacteral Link will now occur less often and devourers will no longer be affected…


[GUIDE]Break Into The Lower Prison to Gather Path of Exile Items


 After going through the Climb, Path of Exile players will find themselves in the first area of the Axiom Prison, specifically the Lower Prison. Collectors of POE items will meet a number of enemies here and a unique mob. Of course, Exiles can get Path of Exile items and gear here. Getting your hunter of Path of Exile items in Players can enter the Lower Prison area through the Climb. To explore the rest of Axiom Prison, they will need to navigate the maze of cells and cages to reach the connection to the Upper Prison. Like the map before…


Guide to The Ledge for Collector of Path of Exile Items


 Not all of Act I The Shore in Path of Exile is sunny beaches. As collectors of POE items venture further into Wraeclast, they see less of the sea, and more of land. The Ledge, is one of the transition areas that take Exiles from the beaches to the main landmass. It is also the inspiration for one of the game’s race types. Getting collectors of Path of Exile items here The Ledge is accessible from The Upper Submerged Passage and connects to the The Climb. Players looking to get Path of Exile Orbs and items will be happy to…


New Dexterity Skills for Hunters of Path of Exile Items in Patch 1.3.0


 The most recent patch for Path of Exile added several new skill gems. Three of these are Dexterity based. Two of the three are especially useful for hunters of POE items that use bows. The third skill is designed for dual-wielding characters. Cloning your collector of Path of Exile items Positioning is important if you are a bow user. It is very easy to get killed if you end up cornered by swarm of enemies. Before the patch, bow users’ only counter for this kind of situation is Lightning Warp. Patch 1.3.0 however introduced the Blink Arrow dexterity skill gem….

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