path of exile items

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POE Credits: Previous Season’s Race


 Competitive Path of Exile players need to prepare as some changes to the Races are planned for Season Nine. The new season will be introducing changes that will affect future Races. Some of the changes include shorter Races and new Race mechanics. Shorter races for quicker Path of Exile items With the start of Season 9 looming near, Grinding Gear Games has release some planned changes to the Races. One of the major changes planned is to shift to shorter race seasons. An advantage of this however, is that there will be more seasons. Season Nine is slated to be…


Shadows of the Realm: Forms in the Dark and POE Items


 A knife from the dark; by the time you’ve seen him, it’s already too late. The Shadow kills silently in hunting for POE Items, without hesitation, without mercy. He is versed in many weapons, but prefers ambush and subterfuge. Hundreds have met their deaths shrieking in his traps. The Shadow has come from the Guild of the Night in Oriath for one purpose: to inflict pain and suffering on anyone who’s wronged him. Exile is merely an inconvenience. POE Items for Shadow Class The Shadow worked the dark hours in Oriath, making a living and a name for himself as…


Why Bow Users Don’t Have Mobility Skills facts for POE Items Hunters


 Bow users are capable of dealing damage without taking too much damage through utilizing distance with the right Path of Exile Items. A monster’s proximity is quite limited when against bow users, as they might already took a lot of damage before closing the gap of distance between the bow user and monster. The question is: Do bow users need a mobility skill like flame dash? Some players argue about bow users deserve a mobility skill. Probably these are still having a hard time despite of their range capabilities. Or not utilizing the mechanics of range attacks. Facts for Path…


Hunting Path of Exile Items with the Deadly Shadow Hybrid Class


 Like the darkness that embraces him, the Shadow class of Path of Exile specializes in quick devastating attacks before targets know what hit them. This is further supplemented by being a Hybrid class that excels in both Dexterity and Intelligence. The lawlessness of Wraeclast only made this fearsome class become one of the most deadly types of Exile. Pure damage for POE Items Dexterity builds are often associated with lots of damage and critical hits. It is also a favorite attribute of collectors of POE items that wish to avoid damage. Combine this with a focus on Intelligence that can…


Knowing the Best League Modifiers to Get Path of Exile Items


 Path of Exile Challenge Leagues are often customized using different combinations of League modifiers. Understanding the specifics of each modifier can help greatly in choosing which POE Items to equip when playing. Projectile modifiers and Path of Exile items There are currently two League Modifiers that affect projectiles. The first is the Multiple Projectile modifier. This adds four projectiles to monsters’ skills and attacks that fire them. The second is the No Projectiles modifier. With this modifier in play, players will not be able to damage targets with projectile attacks and skills. They will still be able to equip Path of…


POE Items Hunting for Level Requirements


 Every Path of Exile Items has an item level. This is not to be confused with the level requirement on a piece of equipment, or the level of a normal item, which are both separate statistics. To find the item level of an item, hold down the ALT key while hovering the cursor over the item. The item level will be shown above the level requirements in the item description. Finding your POE Items Level Here are the alternatives you can do to know your Path of Exile Items level. Lift the item onto the cursor, and type the /itemlevel…


The Darkness Mystery Box: New POE Items for Hunters


 They’ve just released the Darkness Mystery Box which will be on sale for POE Items hunters until the end of the Prophecy Leagues (August 30th!) Each box grants you one random darkness-themed microtransaction, with value equal to at least that of the box (25 points). There are 31 awesome prizes to win including two new armour sets and other new effects! Check out this video compilation of all the microtransactions contained in the Darkness Mystery Box! Getting your POE Items and Rewards What’s in the Darkness Mystery Boxes? New Microtransactions in the Box: Gloom Helmet Skin Gloom Body Armour Skin…


Quest Rewards: POE Items Hunt in Questing


 As you adventure through Wraeclast the locals will often reward your deeds with Skill Gems, items or stat boosts which shall help you to uncover the continent’s mysteries. Your potential rewards however change based on class and difficulty. Over the three difficulties, characters receive 21 passive skill points (up to 24 including the bandit quest rewards) and 24 skill refund points. The quest Deal with the Bandits can also increase character attributes or give up to three skill points especially in hunting POE Items. Below are the possible rewards your hero may receive to aid in their journey. Vendor Rewards…


POE Items: Medallion Race Season


 Seasons in a multiplayer game always bring the best – and sometimes the worst – out of players and heats up the competition. Many MOBAs and dungeon crawler MMOs put up seasons, resetting players’ progresses to make them start from scratch and prove that they have the skill to make it once again. Path of Exile is no different, as it will be having its own Medallion Race season.  Players who will participate in the season will start from the beginning. The rewards of the Medallion Race, however, are worth so much more than what players would lose. So once…

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