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Patch Notes for Orb of Chance Hunters


 The game announced an update for players who grind for Orb of Chance. Here are some of the things they’ve changed and added on the game. They’ve added a vendor recipe item – Book of Regression. This will reduce the level of your current character by one. Like other books, this is not tradeable. This item is obtained by the vendor recipe of an Orb of Scouring and a Scroll of Wisdom. Use this item with care – losing a level may disable items you have equipped. You must have an unallocated Passive Skill Point to use this item. The…


Knowing the Lore: POE Items Hunting in the Sirens


 Exquisitely beautiful, slim, graceful and kind, fair Merveil was the envy of all the court maidens. As the most desired, it was only fitting she attracted the affections of Daresso, a famed swordsman, notorious flirt, and renowned treasure hunter. The days that followed the grand wedding, Merveil was seen about the city, appearing to float on a cloud of joy, so difficult to read was her expression of blank contentment. She went from home to the market to the theater, always with the precious necklace at her throat, the better for all to see. Hunt of POE Items Lore: Changes…


Getting Corrupted with Vaal Orbs for POE Credits


 Vaal Orbs are a currency item that will corrupt an item, causing unpredictable and possibly powerful results. Once an item is corrupted, it can no longer be modified by any other currency. This includes restoring imprints from an Eternal Orb. Vaal Orbs are uncommon currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes and POE Credits. POE Credits and Vaal Orbs Effects In infusing the Vaal orbs on items there are rare random effects in the item; only one of the effects listed for each type of item below may…


Lore of the Warden: POE Currency Hunt


 Every land needs a prison, and Wraeclast was no exception. Axion Prison has been held by countless men over the ages, anyone living today can only recall one name: Brutus. He was the overseer of Axion Prison when Wraeclast’s old men were just children, and he is the overseer to this day. Mothers get their children to behave by telling them that Brutus will come to see them. He is Wraeclast’s boogeyman. Overpowered Prison for POE Currency Brutus ran Axion Prison with a legendary cruel streak. Under his stewardship he was haunted by POE Currency hunters, not a single soul…


Tale of the Prison Beasts and POE Items


 In venturing in the prison to hunt for POE Items, there are monsters in the zone you can kill. These monsters will give you loots. In the prison gate and inside the prison, you will encounter different kinds of monsters which can give you the loots you need or the source of POE Items. The List below is the monsters you can slay to get the items you need; Bestiaries in the Prison for POE Items First on the list is the; Sand Spitter – the sprawling pale sands and cliffs of Wraeclast’s beaches hide a malevolent terror, the Sand…


POE Items Eloquent Economy Introduction


 Economy is the most important aspect of MMORPG. It is one of the reasons why real money trading is prohibited on some MMORPG as it will imbalance the economy and soon to be uncontrollable, thus making new players quit the game due to bad economy, which hinders them from getting the gears they want. Wherein, developers made some NPC to ask the player for a large sum of money. Additionally, weapon, armor and potion merchants are keys to maintain a healthy server economy. POE Items Eloquent Economy Introduction: Real Money Trading It takes a lot of time before a player…


[Guide] Essential Tank Templar Build for POE Items Collector Part 2


 We discussed the recommended gears and passive skills build. The gears’ highlight is getting as much as armor as you can. The same goes for passive skills build, but some points are invested in offensive nodes, not defensive nodes alone. The build is super simple, you go pick up your shield, get as much as defense and charge into the enemy’s face. This article will discuss the skill gems, flasks and the play style/strategies Tank Templar Build for POE Items Collector: Skill Gems First Cast When Damage Taken – leaving this trigger gem at the recommended level, which is level…


[Guide] Essential Tank Templar Build for POE Items Collectors Part 1


 Carl Von Clausewitz said “the best defense is a good offense.” That said, it does not necessarily works on every game. However, the principle applies in path of exile. Because the game features skill spamming that would make squishy characters melt when skill spammed. Talk about skill spamming, no skill is weak if a player can spam it. Investing a lot of defensive mechanisms in the game is an omega huge advantage. As a tank with a skill spamming capability, the word tank is not a metaphor anymore, it literally means tank, with cannons and heavy armored vehicle. Tank Templar…


[Guide] Essential Build to Shadow Dual Claws for POE Items Collectors Part 1


 The true vampire class in the game, with its insane life leech with monsters that instantly fills the character’s heal points pool. Furthermore, it has a hasty attack speed that will leave a person in awe. It specializes in melee attacks while stealing health points from its adversary. The fast attack speed and life stealing capability would make vampire fanatics to play as shadow in path of exile. This article will tackle the dual claws of shadow build in path of exile. Dual Claws Build for POE Items Collectors: Pros This build only has one advantage, which is enormous life…

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