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[GUIDE]Crafting Path of Exile Items with Orbs


 We already covered Orbs and how they can modify Path of Exile items. In this guide, we’ll go in-depth and show you how to maximize their use in Path of Exile. Stay tuned for more.   Path of Exile items you will be needing Before we start “crafting” your Path of Exile items, you’ll first need to gather the following Orbs: Orb of Transmutation Orb of Alteration Regal Orb Eternal Orb Orb of Scouring Exalted Orb Divine Orb Blessed Orb Procedure on how to “craft” your perfect Path of Exile items Once you have the orbs needed for your Path…


How to “Craft” Path of Exile Items Using Orbs


 In previous guides we showed how Orbs can be used to customize Path of Exile items. Now, we’ll show you how you can use these orbs to “craft” an item in Path of Exile with the modifiers you want. Below are the steps how. Currency Path of Exile items you will need The best way to get your ideal Path of Exile items is to add modifiers slowly. To this you will need the following Orbs: Orb of Transmutation Orb of Alteration Regal Orb Eternal Orb Orb of Scouring Exalted Orb Divine Orb Blessed Orb Rolling for specific modifiers for…


Vendor Recipes for Path of Exile Items


 Most online games nowadays feature a crafting system. Path of Exile also has a crafting system, although it is more apt to call it as an exchange system. This system allows players to generate specific Path of Exile items by selling certain items to vendors, hence the term Vendor Recipes. Read on for more.   Getting the currency Path of Exile items you want You’ve probably spent a lot of time looking for a specific orb or currency item. With Vendor recipes however, you can save time and effort if you have the right Path of Exile items. With the…


Crafting Path of Exile Items through Vendor Recipes


 While there are no materials to gather in Path of Exile, the game still supports a system similar to crafting. In this case, selling specific Path of Exile items to NPCs generate certain items. In this article we will cover the basics of these so-called Vendor Recipes. Check below for details. “Crafting” Currency Path of Exile items Depending on monster drops for specific currency items can be time consuming. Thankfully, the way NPCs buy your Path of Exile items follow a specific pattern. While the list is too long to show here, you can get a specific currency item by…


POE Items Improvement through Quality Upgrades (Part II)


 In a previous guide, we went over how Quality in Path of Exile affects POE Items. We saw, how it improves Weapons and Armor. In this guide, we’ll look how Flasks and Skill Gems are affected by this statistic. Read on for details. Quality for POE Items effects on flasks When the Quality of a Flask is increased one of two things can happen. If it is a health, mana or hybrid flask, then the amount restored is increased by the Quality percentage. In the case of utility flasks, their duration is increased instead. To increase the Quality of these POE Items use…


[TIPS]Improving Your Path of Exile Items through Quality Upgrades (Part I)


 Sometimes, you find an item in Path of Exile that is near perfect. You don’t want to re-roll any of the modifiers, but you wish the values could be better. With the Quality system for Path of Exile items, you can make the item perfect. Check this article for more information.   Quality and your Path of Exile items Path of Exile items have a Quality stat that goes from 0 to 20%. While the effect of this varies from item to item, it improves the item without relying on luck. No more wasting orbs on re-rolling!  Instead you’ll be…


Understanding the Quality Statistic of Path of Exile Items


 Modifiers aren’t the only way to improve Path of Exile items. Increasing the Quality of items in Path of Exile is another way of doing this. For more information regarding this game mechanic, read on. What Quality does for Path of Exile items An item’s Quality starts at zero and goes up to 20%. Each item type has an associated currency item that increases this stat. The increase differs depending on the rarity of Path of Exile items. Normal items get 5% increase, Magic get 2% and Rare and Unique items only get 1%. Finally, using an Orb of Fusing…


Path of Exile Items Customize and Upgrade to Rare


 Some say Rare Path of Exile items are the strongest type of items. Even better than Unique items in Path of Exile. This is largely due to their customizability. Read on if you want to know how to do this for your rares.   Using orbs to get affixes for rare Path of Exile items Affixes are what makes or breaks Path of Exile items. Rares have a maximum of six, and a minimum of three. Chances are you’re not going to have a rare with six affixes, so you’ll want to use an Exalted Orb. This adds a random…


Customizing Your Rare Path of Exile Items with Orbs


 Rare items are perhaps the strongest Path of Exile items you’ll encounter. However, they can still be improved with Orbs in Path of Exile. Check this guide on how to just that. Affix modification for magic Path of Exile items When you get a magic item, it will have one or two affixes, with two being the maximum. If you only get one, but want two, simply use an Orb of Augmentation to add the missing affix. If you’re not satisfied with the modifiers on your magic Path of Exile items, use an Orb of Alteration to re-roll them. Upgrading magic…

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