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Understanding Links and Support Gems in your Path of Exile Items


 We’ve covered socket basics and gem basics in Path of Exile. Using what we know of these two, it’s time to apply them to Support Gems. These Path of Exile items can heavily change how you play your character. Make sure to read on to understand this feature better.   How links in Path of Exile items work with support gems It is important to remember that only skills in sockets linked to the support gem will get modified. Unfortunately, many people get confused as to when is a socket considered linked to another. The first thing to know is…


Path of Exile Items Guide – Improving Skills with Support Gems


 Since we already covered the basics of gems in Path of Exile, let’s go deeper into the gem system with Support Gems. These Path of Exile items can heavily influence how you play your character and what items you will keep. Understanding their mechanics is a must. Support gems and links on Path of Exile items Support gems can only affect skill(s) on sockets it is linked too. Note that sockets don’t have to be next to another socket to be considered linked. For example if you have a link layout of R-G-G-B, then each socket is considered to be…