Changes in Upcoming Patch 1.1.4 Will Bring More Unique Path of Exile Items

Unique Path of Exile items are very much sought after by players in Path of Exile. Did you know however that they come in four different tiers? Most unique POE items players get are actually from just one tier, but the upcoming patch will be changing this.


Tiers of Unique Path of Exile items

There are four tiers of uniques. The first are the Common unique. These Path of Exile items are very useful for leveling and are easy to come by. The next tier is Uncommon. These are a little more complicated and are pivotal in builds. Next up would be the Rare tier that doesn’t drop often. Uniques of this tier are specialized and are often end-game quality. Finally, items like Kaom’s Heart belong to the Super-rare tier.

More Unique Path of Exile items

Patch 1.1.4 aims to make Uncommon and Rare unique drop roughly twice as often. Drop rates for Super-rare Unique Path of Exile items will also be increased by around 20%. Of course, players can still use Path of Exile Orbs to make their own unique. They will have to buy Path of Exile items for this method though.