Collectors of Path of Exile Items Get New Vaal Skills in Patch 1.1.5

The new patch for Path of Exile is right around the corner. Along with the new Path of Exile items it brings are two new Vaal Skill Gems. Vaal Lightning Trap and Vaal Righteous Fire will make your characters shock and burn opponents.


Gather Path of Exile items with Lightning Trap

The new Vaal Lightning trap in Patch 1.1.5 will allow collectors of Path of Exile items to set a trap that will launch a ring of projectiles when triggered. The lightning bolts that will be released will go through enemies in its path and will deal lightning damage. Note that the projectiles will also leave a trail of shocking ground.

All or nothing for Path of Exile items

Vaal Righteous Fire is the other vaal skill gem Patch 1.1.5 will introduce. Hunters of Path of Exile items will be able to deal enormous fire damage in an explosion with this skill. However, they will be reduced to 1 life and no shields. Note that the damage is dependent on the amount of life and shield expended. Vaal POE items can be obtained through Corrupted Areas or using corrupted Path of Exile orbs.