Colors and Item Rarity Basics for Path of Exile Items

Like most dungeon-crawlers, Path of Exile implements a random item generator that churns out hundreds if not thousands of different items. It can be very hard to check which Path of Exile items are worth keeping. Thankfully, with the games color coded item rarity system, it’s easier to know which items go to the stash and which ones to trash.



Normal White and Magic Blue Path of Exile items

The most common items in the game are Normal items. These have white text and do not come with any extra modifiers. Typically they will have a static value or a value range for damage, or any other effect they have. A step up from Normal Path of Exile items are the Magic items. You can identify them with their blue text. These come with at least one affix, although sometimes they come with two (one prefix and one suffix.)

Rare Yellow and Unique Orange Path of Exile items

Keep an eye out for yellow items. These Rare items tend to be powerful as they come with at least three affixes, with a maximum of six (three prefixes and three suffixes.) They are also given randomly generated names to make them stand out. Finally, Path of Exile items with orange text belong to the Unique item rarity. These have unique artwork and are given a specific list of modifiers instead of affixes. Not that each base item in the game has a corresponding unique item.