Crafting inside the Game for Path of Exile Currency

Almost all of MMORPG nowadays have their own crafting system. This type of game feature makes an MMORPG interesting, as it makes people experiment and explore the wonders of crafting equipment and the joy of crafting rare or unique items. This guide will show you the basics of Items for POE Currency.

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Basic Source of Path of Exile Currency

The basic of crafting items will utilize 3 types of orb. These orbs might transform your white item into either magic or rare item.

  1. Orb of Transmutation – This orb will upgrade the white item into magic item.
  2. Orb of Chance – This orb adds a probability of upgrading your white item into magic, rare or unique version of the item. However, the item’s rarity still varies, which makes unique items hard to obtain. Additionally, Orb of chance’s value might be slightly expensive than Orb of transmutation, because Orb of chance gives the opportunity to transform your white item into rare or unique.
  3. Orb of Alchemy – The orb of alchemy directly turns white items into rare items.

Getting the POE Currency Mods you want

In order to get the Path of Exile Currency mod that you want, you must first start with a white item and use a transmutation orb to upgrade it into a magic type item. After successfully upgrading the white item, keep on using orbs of alteration until you get the two mods that you want. Use regal orbs to reset a mod that you didn’t like or you can use orbs of scouring to the item to start all over again. Use eternal orbs to imprint an item, though it’s not advisable to use this orb at the moment. If you really want to make the perfect item, invest on using divine orb or blessed orb to alter the mod’s values.