Crafting Path of Exile Items through Vendor Recipes

While there are no materials to gather in Path of Exile, the game still supports a system similar to crafting. In this case, selling specific Path of Exile items to NPCs generate certain items. In this article we will cover the basics of these so-called Vendor Recipes. Check below for details.


“Crafting” Currency Path of Exile items

Depending on monster drops for specific currency items can be time consuming. Thankfully, the way NPCs buy your Path of Exile items follow a specific pattern. While the list is too long to show here, you can get a specific currency item by selling off specific items. For example, to get an Orb of Scouring, sell any rare item with 2 affixes.

Getting specific Path of Exile items to wear

Like with currency items, you can get specific equipment by selling certain items to NPCs. In fact, you can add or remove modifiers to Path of Exile items this way. Note however that the generated item will be at an Item Level and Rarity will be equal to the lowest Item Level and Rarity among the “ingredients.” To see a list of what you can make, click here: Vendor Recipes.