Crafting with Haku, Armourmaster in Path of Exile

Haku, Armormaster is the second Forsaken Master for Path of Exile’s next expansion. This master seeks to purge the corruption from Wraeclast with the help of the player and the spirits of fallen warriors and great ancestors. Haku is also the master to seek if you want to mod POE Currency, specifically armor pieces.


Seeking help from Ancestors

Players seeking to gain reputation and favor from Haku will need to take on combat oriented missions. This master who seeks to cleanse Wraeclast of the corruption that plagues it will ask players to seek help from warriors and ancestors. These come in the form of spirits that bestow buffs on players. Fans of the game can of course expect the missions to have more variety than these especially how the spirits of old can be quite fickle.

Once Haku has moved in to a player’s Hideout, or if they choose to move in to his, they will be able to access his Crafting Bench. From here, players can add a crafted mod to any piece of armor that has a mod slot available. The mods available will be similar to those obtainable from Path of Exile Orbs, but will depend on the Armormaster’s level. Note that equipment can have only one crafted mod on it at a time. The mod can be removed however and replaced by a new one.

Battlefield themed Hideout

Players who get Haku to level 3 will be offered to use his Hideout as their own to get the Path Of Exile Currency. The Armormaster’s haven is reminiscent of a barbican fortress. The walls are made of logs with sharpened ends. Simple tents of hide and leather are scattered about with rugs of fur sprawled underneath them.