Curse Basics for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

Another skill in Path of Exile with large AoE is the Curse. Curses act like Auras except they give negative effects to monsters in range. For anyone collecting Path of Exile items, this is important as it can make fights easier.  Check below for more details.


How curse affects Path of Exile items hunting

Curses are equipped onto characters via Skill Gems. Currently, there are 11 different curses available to players. Be warned though that only one curse can be active on a monster at a time. This means that even if you have multiple Path of Exile items that can give curses, only one can be used. Curses need to be cast, and like any spell has a duration. If you have the Hex Master passive skill however, Curses you cast don’t expire.

Having more curses through Path of Exile items

Due to their usefulness, players may want to have multiple curses on a monster. Thankfully, there is a way to do this. Equipping Doedre’s Damning ring and Windscream greaves each grand an additional curse. The Whispers of Doom passive skill also adds one curse. Having this passive and the unique Path of Exile items equipped allow a monster to have five curses active at a time.