Dual Axe Wielding Weapon Slapping Build in Path of Exile

We’ve tackled the pros and cons, offensive mechanics and passive skill build. In the second part we are going to discuss the build’s defensive mechanics, mana management and bandit rewards. Again, this build is balanced, expecting a very high amount of damage won’t be possible with this build, and a robust defense would not also be possible. If you happen to have a desire to one of those character compositions, then, you might be looking on the wrong scion build in hunting for POE Currency.

Dual Axe

Dual Axe Build: Defensive Mechanics

The POE Currency build has robust amount of health. Going back to the passive skill build, it prioritizes the health nodes and has fine collections base life bonuses in path of exile items. In terms of the armor points, the build doesn’t invest too much skill points on armor nodes, as the determination aura scales high sum of defensive points to cover the points that were bypassed in the passive skill build.

Life Leech is one of the defensive possessions of this build. It makes out of the lost health in the health pool, as we take damage from monsters.

The build can hit the 75% resistance cap, but it would be much better if going higher than 75%. However, hitting higher than 75% is difficult. This build does not have a trait that will increase its resistance. The only hope to increase the resistance is through including resistance flask on using the following: ruby, topaz and sapphire.

Dual Axe Build: Mana Management

Mana management is important for stable casting of skills. However, we need a way to recover mana. The traditional way of managing mana is through using Path Of Exile Currency high mana regeneration, mana leech, blood magic keystone and blood magic support item, these ways however have necessary compositions to be implemented.

For the bandit quest on each difficulty level, execute the following:

Normal: Help Oak (+40% life)

Cruel: Help Oak (+18% Physical Damage)

Merciless: kill all (+1 skill point)

We have our own way of managing mana and it’s through reducing the mana cost of skills. The passive skill build has mana management covered. The passive skill build allocated 4 nodes in the unrelenting cluster for mana reduction.