Essential Build to Shadow Dual Claws in Path of Exile

Through the last article, we discussed advantages in hunting POE Currency, disadvantages and passive skill build of shadow dual claws. As articulated in the first article, the shadow dual claws build is a beast when it comes to life steal and decent damage per second. And if an enemy cannot kill it with one hit, the enemy would probably have a hard time killing it alone, or will never be able to.

However, despite the majesty of advantages, there are also disadvantages. The class is vulnerable to damage focused attacks, attacks that deals a large amount of damage with a single hit. These kinds of attacks could most probably kill this blood sucking build.

Shadow Dual Claws

Dual Claws Build: Skills

The world of path of exile regarding skill, Path of Exile Currency and build is a vast content. With this, players have the opportunity to experiment, break the Meta and make their own builds.

Reflecting through these facts, the shadow claws have many options with skill utilization. The first option is dual strike. It’s a melee, multi-strike and melee physical damage skill. Technically, dual strike is the most efficient skill to focus on.

Second option is focusing on the skill Reave. It’s a skill that features multi-strike, melee physical damage and added fire or concentrated effect. It’s a skill that hits the entire screen, very fun to use.

The final option is cyclone. It has blind, melee physical damage and added fire or increased area of effect damage.

For budding players, getting dual strike is the most ideal skill to focus. And for the players with lots of experience, they can go crazy and take the other build, or even crazier ones.

The first thing to get is a claw that gives a robust amount of damage. For new players, this will be their first goal to achieve. For the armor, since this build is most likely to die with one attack, get as much as resist and armors that provide health points.

Dual Claws Build: Strategies

Surely, standard monsters may not have a chance to kill this build, unless the user is away, it will be killed. However, if the build is against Brutus, or characters that are capable of dealing enormous amount of damage. Wise use of traps and decoy totem will definitely help this build to survive longer. Usually, to buy path of exile items is the most ideal strategy to survive. In addition, utilizing effective POE Currency.