Forsaken Master’s Hunt in Path of Exile – POE Guide

The first master for Path of Exile’s Forsaken Masters update has been unveiled. The Weaponmaster and avid duelist Vagan will assist players with their conquest of Wraeclast. Players will get to duel with this new master as well as craft powerful POE Currency with him.

Forsaken Master


Vagan used to be a mercenary before he was sent to Wraeclast. To him, all of Wraeclast is an open arena whose only rule is survival. When players encounter him, he will challenge them to a duel to test their mettle. In fact, all of the missions you will get from him revolve around duels and tests of strength. Players will need to fight him to gain reputation and favor. In some missions, Vagan will challenge player to a dummy killing contest that has a time limit.

In all of the missions, Vagan will have buffs that will make the duel challenging. He will also alternate between different character builds each time you face him. There can also be rings of fire or cold around your arena or Searing Bond Totems to keep the difficulty up.

Once players level Vagan enough, he will share his expertise in weapons with them. Using his Crafting Bench, players will be able to add mods to weapons that cannot normally be attained through Path of Exile Orbs. At higher levels, elemental damage can also be added to your gear.

Battlefront hideout

Vagan, Weaponmaster resides in a “Battlefront” styled Hideout. This duelist will share this Hideout with the player once you raise his levels enough. Further reputation and favor gains will allow you to purchase decorations for this hideout. Note that Hideouts can hold more than one master once it has been upgraded.