Future Rebalance of Invasion & Corrupted Areas for More Path of Exile Items

Many players in Path of Exile have commented that the Invasion and Corrupted Area bosses are incredibly hard. The developers have heard their ails and have decided to rebalance these guardians of Path of Exile items with the upcoming 1.1.3 content update.


Challenging but not impossible guardians of Path of Exile items

Even though the Invasion and Corrupted Area bosses have already been tweaked, many players still complain that the encounters are very tough. As such, in the coming update, the bosses will be rebalanced. Their defense values will be reduced along with their specific elemental resistances. Along with the difficulty rebalancing, the Path of Exile items that will drop from them will be rebalanced to reflect the changes.

Better visual alerts for collectors of Path of Exile items

Another issue that increases the difficulty of the encounters is the lack of clear visual cues.  These will also be addressed in patch 1.1.3, starting with the Storm Call bosses use. It will now indicate the area that will be affected more precisely. Collectors of Path of Exile items who use Flameblast will also notice that bosses who use the same skill have a different graphic effect for the ability.