Gathering POE Currency from the Upper Submerged Passage

The Flooded Depths in Path of Exile was the last area we covered in our tour of Wraeclast’s areas. In today’s guide we head further along The Shore and explore the Upper Submerged Passage. Collectors of POE Currency can expect more monsters and loot in this high area.

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Take your collector of Path of Exile items there

The Upper Submerged Passage is accessible via two points. The first of which is the Lower Submerged Passage. Players looking for loot and Path of Exile Orbs can also enter this area through The Ledge. Note that this map does not have a waypoint. The two areas previously mentioned however, fortunately have waypoints.

The area itself is riddled with chasms making navigation quite complicated. There are many branching paths in the map. Exile’s however can always find the exit to the Ledge at the top of the map.

Get Path of Exile Currency from these mobs

The mobs collectors of Path of Exile currency will encounter in this area include Flesh Eaters, Merveil’s Daughter and its spawn. Drifting Eyes can also be seen in the area. Additionally, Cave Arachs, Cave Skitterers and Murk Fiends can sometimes appear in the Upper Submerged Passage.

The Monster Level for this area is 6 for those playing on Normal difficulty. Cruel difficulty sets this at 36, while Merciless puts the Monster level at 53.

This map is also home to the Brood Princess. The latter is a unique of the Merveil’s Daughter mob. Instead of Spawn, it creates Broodlings. Note that this unique monster is not tied to any quest. Players may still want to defeat it however for its improved drops.

Vaal items can also be obtained from the Upper Submerged Passage. Exiles can get these items if a Concealed Cavity corrupted area spawns in the map.