Getting Corrupted with Vaal Orbs for POE Credits

Vaal Orbs are a currency item that will corrupt an item, causing unpredictable and possibly powerful results. Once an item is corrupted, it can no longer be modified by any other currency. This includes restoring imprints from an Eternal Orb.

vaal orb for poe credits

Vaal Orbs are uncommon currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes and POE Credits.

POE Credits and Vaal Orbs Effects

In infusing the Vaal orbs on items there are rare random effects in the item; only one of the effects listed for each type of item below may happen;

  • Equipment
  • No effect (other than adding the corrupted property).
  • Change one or more sockets to white sockets. This has a 1/4 chance of occurring, with a 1/10 chance for each additional socket.
  • Reroll the item into a rare item with randomized sockets, links and six random affixes. If this result is chosen, there is a one in thirty-six chance the item will have the maximum number of sockets and links.
  • Change the implicit to a special Vaal Implicit, or adds a Vaal implicit if the item has no implicit by default.
  • Maps
  • No effect
  • Add one level, changing the base type to one appropriate for the new level, and randomizing the affixes. This is the only way to create a level 81 Vaal Temple Map.
  • Reroll the item into a rare item with up to eight random affixes.
  • Unidentified the item, retaining its affixes and quantity bonus. Unidentified magic or rare maps receive a 30% bonus quantity.
  • In addition to these effects, all bosses of corrupted maps have a chance to drop Sacrifice Vaal Fragments or Vaal Skill Gems.

POE Credits in Corrupted Items

As you progress your hunt in for POE Credits since you kill monsters around you. You can sell it in the auction house or trade with other players. In this kind of profiting you helped players who are looking for items they need and at the same time you get yourself a profit thru your hard work in grinding.