Getting Support Pack: POE Currency Hunter’s Packs

Supporter Pack Notes are here to serve as your guide if your POE Currency hunter will purchase the Support pack. Feel free to check the list below and find this Supporter Pack very useful for your adventure.

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In-Game Goods for POE Currency Hunting

  • Shipped Physical Goods: These are available to ship soon after purchase. Shipping is free internationally. The shirts are shipped from America and the art packs are shipped from New Zealand. We have gone to great lengths to be able to ship much more quickly with these packs. Delays experienced with previous packs should be non-existent.
  • Art Pack: The Art Pack is a selection of prints of art from Ascendancy, including some concept art and character art from various Ascendancy classes. Art Packs sent to Ascendant supporters are signed.
  • Pets: From the release of 2.1.0, you’ll be able to have any two of your pets out at once! You can show off your new Gargoyle pet at the same time as pets from previous supporter packs or ones you’ve purchased from our store. The pair of pets doesn’t have to include a new Gargoyle pet.
  • Divination Cards: The Ascendant Pack doesn’t include the ability to design a Divination Card, but it does entitle you to be able to purchase one if you’d like! We’ll be launching a standalone shop page for this in the near future. In the meantime, please contact [email protected] for more information.
  • Ascendancy Extended Digital Soundtrack: This is a soundtrack containing all the music from Path of Exile, extended to include music from Ascendancy. A high-quality FLAC version is also available. Both are DRM-free.

Upgrades for In-Game bonuses for POE Credits

Upgrades for your POE Credits hunting; You can upgrade from one of these new Supporter Packs to another on this page by clicking “Upgrade” on the desired pack. The process will include any pure points packs purchased since the previous supporter packs went away on November 13. The maximum amount that upgrades can contribute is 80% of the value of a pack. If you have any questions about this process, please contact [email protected]!

  • Payment Plans: Because you can merge points packs (purchased since November 13) up to 80% of the value of a supporter pack, you can make intermediary payments towards a pack and then spend the points immediately. If you’d like to arrange a more complex payment plan or have any questions, please contact [email protected]!