[GUIDE] Path of Exile Items Basics – Item Level (Part II)

In a previous guide we discussed how to find out Item Levels and what they affect. For this guide we’ll cover just how your Path of Exile items get their Item Levels. With this knowledge you can fine tune your item hunting techniques. Read on for more.



How monsters affect the Item Level of your Path of Exile items

The Item Level of Items dropped from monsters and chests are governed by the monster level of the area. Specifically, the Item Level is equal to the monster level of the area. Path of Exile items dropped by Magic monsters however has an Item Level one higher than the monster level in the area. Furthermore, Rare and Unique monsters will add two to the monster level. Skill gems however have a fixed Item Level of 1.

Path of Exile items with set Item Levels

All items obtained via a quest or a vendor has a predetermined Item Level. These levels are based on the quest and vendor. Additionally, vendor items will have their Item Level vary based on the difficulty. Meanwhile, Path of Exile items created via vendor have Item Levels based on the used recipe. Lastly, race rewards will always yield an Item Level of 100.