Guide to Duelist Aftershock Area of Effect Build for POE Currency Farmers

This is one of the sickest builds in path of exile. The build’s attack speed is utterly insane! Plus, the build is capable of area of effect damage, which makes the build really overpowered when it comes to wiping dungeon monsters and probably PvP. Commonly, MMORPG uses clichés regarding builds. When a character has strong damage per second or has speed over its hand, the character would not have the capability to deal area of effect damage and weak defense. The duelist aftershock area of effect build on the other hand has superb speed and has the ability to deal area of effect damage. Without further ado let’s start the discussion with this duelist build!

Guide to Duelist Aftershock Area of Effect Build for POE Currency Farmers

POE Currency and Equipment Guide

The POE Currency and equipment for this build are focused on attack speed, area of effect damage and knockback.

Reave, knockback and increased area of effect are the bread and butter of the skill, combining these effects and the sick attack speed would make a character a monster killing machine in any dungeon.

The reave gem extends a characters range as it hits the enemy, a perfect combination for knockback and area of effect damage. Reave and knockback have a flow, as reave extends its range. Knockback on the other hand would feel like it’s extending its range, both of them have a cascading effect.

Regarding the weapon, soul taker siege axe would be very ideal for this build. You need this axe for a sole purpose, to enable the “pre-emptive strike.” This build does not have the sufficient blood magic to in order to run one to two auras. However, it will require lots of path of exile items that give mana recovery, instead of getting mana recovery get a hold of damage instead.

POE Credits and Equip and Passive Guide: Bandit rewards

Bandit rewards give the status points such as: 8% attack speed and 18% attack damage.

Finishing bandit quests would give a character either 8% attack speed or 18% attack damage. The most efficient choice here would be getting the 8% attack speed because the 18% attack damage doesn’t weigh high enough.

Most of points in the passive skill tree is invested in area if effect damage and other damage per second nodes. However, some points are invested in fending nodes.