Guide to Templar Freezing Pulse: POE Currency and Recommended Gears

Templar has so many possible builds, and one of them is a spell casting templar mainly utilizing freezing pulse as its main damage per second attack. Freezing pulse can instantly be casted and spammed very fast, melting monsters, if not freeze them to death. This article will cover the passive skill build, POE Currency and recommended gears for freezing pulse templar.

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Pros and Cons of this build with POE Currency

This build has a decent damage per second. It can also be a wallet friendly because the build relies on skill gems not rare items, which costs a lot of currency and skill gems are much easier to obtain than rare items.


  • This build can easily acquire a high damage per second and freezing pulse can instantly be casted.
  • Can save a lot of poe items, because this build relies on mostly on gems not rare items.
  • It uses arctic armor
  • Has a 33% chance of freezing the enemy without curses
  • Works well in groups
  • Deals more damage if the user is using Taryn’s and shock


  • Low survivability, due to not using shield
  • Vulnerable to reflect
  • It costs a lot to achieve end game equipments
  • Can be tough to level up

Freezing pulse can achieve a very high damage per second. However, this build will have to sacrifice its defense in order to achieve very high attack damage. Additionally, it can be hard to gain levels during lower levels.

Core Gears and POE Credits

The items are primarily focused on raising freezing pulse damage and if there is still a room for equipment for survivability, go for it.

Weapon: Taryn’s Shiver Maelstrom Staff

Helm: Plague Salvation Magistrate Crown

Chest: Viper Curtain Devout Chainmaik

Gloves: Maligaro’s Virtuosity Deerskin Gloves

Boots: Demon Tread Wyrmscale Boots

Accessories: Anything that adds to the character’s survivability is possible

Regarding the combination of gems, be sure to get clarity and discipline. The other gems could be employed as increase damage or defense.

The passive skill build focuses on increase damage per second and since it cannot use a shield, some points are distributed in the health and resist nodes.