Guide to the Fetid Pool – Path of Exile Guide

Path of Exile players hunting for extra POE Currency can find them in The Fetid Pool optional area in Act I. This area hosts several monsters, a quest, and a unique Necromancer. The Fetid Pool also has a chance to spawn a corrupted area where players can get Vaal Skill Gems.

Fetid Pool

How to get your collector of Path of Exile Currency there

The Fetid Pool is an optional area connected to The Mud Flats. There are no waypoints on this map and the only way in or out is at the bottom of the area. Players will find a large muddy pool in the center of this roughly circular area. Those hunting Kadavrus will find him near the top of the map.

Some players have noted that the map may be a reference to the Den of Evil in Diablo 2. Similarities pointed out by fans include the monsters located in the area, its closeness to the town and the quest tied to it.

In the pool

Monsters in The Fetid Pool spawn at monster level 5 for Normal difficulty. They come at monster level 40 for Cruel difficulty and 58 for Merciless. Path of Exile players can expect to encounter Bloated Corpses and Bone Rhoas in the area. Occassionally, Cursed Spawn and Ancient Bonestalkers appear too.

The Fetid Pool is also home to Kadavrus the Defiler, a unique Necromancer. Note that this creature is connected to the A Dirty Job quest.

Those looking for corrupted areas to hunt Vaal Path of Exile items have a chance to encounter Strange Sinkholes in this map. Aside from this corrupted area, this map is also related to the A Dirty Job quest. The latter requires players to clear The Fetid Pool of its monstrous inhabitants.