[GUIDE]Collecting POE Currency with Scion Exile Class

Hybrid classes in hunting POE Currency is not limited to just two attributes. The Scion class in the game requires all three attributes to be effective. While she does not have a particular specialization, the lack of a preference for an attribute allows players to play the class as they see fit.

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From noble to hunter of POE Currency

Coming from a family of corrupt nobles, the Scion hybrid class was sent to Wraeclast after she killed her husband the night of their marriage. Growing up the Scion was considered a wonder child and her prowess in a myriad of skills is proof of that. Collectors of POE items who wish to use this class need to first prove their mettle. This is because the Scion class needs to be unlocked in the game, before it can be chosen at character creation.

Advantage of Scion hunter of POE Credits

The Scion is a hybrid class that is aligned with all three core attributes. While she does not naturally specialize in Strength, Dexterity or Intelligence, she is free to focus on any or a combination of these statistics. Additionally, the Scion starts at the center of the passive skill tree. This allows players to easily customize their build for the character. The Scion’s starting attributes are 20 in Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence.

New players cannot use Scion when they first play the game especially in hunting for path of exile currency. This hybrid class needs to unlocked first through the game’s story mode. Specifically, players will need to find and free the Scion in the Upper Sceptre of God in Act 3. Once released, she will talk with the player and an achievement will be granted. The player can then choose the Scion class next time they make a character to collect items and Path of Exile Orbs.