[GUIDE]Passives and Paths for the Path of Exile Items Hunter

Unlike that other popular dungeon-crawler, Path of Exile has a complex and highly customizable Passive Skill system. At first glance it can be quite intimidating, but understanding the basics can make it less daunting. If you need that extra edge when hunting for Path of Exile items, read on.


How passive skills help in getting Path of Exile items

Whenever your character goes up in level, or completes specific quests, you gain a passive skill point. These points can be used in the Passive Skill “Tree” which is a network of nodes. Each node either gives your character +10 to a certain attribute or a particular buff. Note that these effects stack with increases you get from gems in your Path of Exile items.

Working with passive nodes and Path of Exile items

Passive nodes are distributed in two ways: in clusters and lines. Clustered nodes often have buff type effects, while the nodes in lines connecting these clusters are almost always raw attribute increases. Bear in mind that you can only turn on nodes adjacent to already active nodes. If you have great Path of Exile items, make sure to set your passive “path” accordingly!