The Hall of Grandmasters for Collectors of POE Currency

Path of Exile’s Grandmaster Support Pack allows players to submit a character that will be preserved as a statue in the Hall of Grandmaster. This week, the developers of the game gave players a sneak peek into this unique map. The hall will allow players to challenge the Grandmasters for powerful POE Currency.

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Hallways to Path of Exile Credits

The Hall of Grandmasters is a high level special map that houses statues of player submitted characters. What makes this map special is that players can face the immortalized characters in the hall for powerful Path of Exile items. To claim these powerful items, players must go through hallways guarded by these grandmasters. The map has several of these that players can attempt to complete. Note that each hallway is separate from the rest and will contain a specific reward at the end.

Dealing with the numerous customized exile grandmasters can be tough. Thankfully, each hallway is divided into segments. This ensures players do not have to deal with too many grandmasters at a time. Each segment is separated by a forcefield  that will only dissipate once all the grandmasters in the segment have been defeated. Note that each segment has a random number of grandmasters to keep players on their toes.

Immortalizing your hunter of Path of Exile Currency

Unlike most dungeons, the Hall of Grandmasters does not have common monsters. Instead it houses player submitted characters. Interested players can do this by purchasing a Grandmaster Supporter Pack. Once purchased, the account holder can then email the developers to nominate one of their characters for the Hall of Grandmasters. It is advisable for players to plan out their character, its equipment and which mods from Path of Exile currency to use on them, before submitting it. After all, once added to the hall, the grandmaster can no longer be changed.