Holy Sockets Batman! – A Path of Exile Items Guide

While many can say Path of Exile is just another Diablo 3 clone, the game adds mechanics that make old systems more interesting. One of these is colored and linked Sockets. If you want to know what these colorful holes in your Path of Exile items mean, then read on.



What are these colored holes in my Path of Exile items?

Sockets are only one part of the skill system in Path of Exile. These appear in all Path of Exile items except for Kaom’s Heart. Their main purpose is for players to put gems in them. As you’ll find out in a later guide, gems come in different colors. You can only put a gem in a socket of the same color. Additionally, the color of a socket/gem is a hint on the statistic it is tied to. Red is for strength, green is for dexterity, and blue is for intelligence.

And these gold lines in my Path of Exile items?

A gold line (it’s more of a diamond really) between two sockets means they are linked. This is needed for Support Gems. This means that the effects of a Support gem affects the gem in the sockets it is linked to. This is why Path of Exile items with multiple linked sockets are sought after by many. More linked sockets mean you can increase the power of your skills; and who doesn’t want that?