How to “Craft” Path of Exile Items Using Orbs

In previous guides we showed how Orbs can be used to customize Path of Exile items. Now, we’ll show you how you can use these orbs to “craft” an item in Path of Exile with the modifiers you want. Below are the steps how.


Currency Path of Exile items you will need

The best way to get your ideal Path of Exile items is to add modifiers slowly. To this you will need the following Orbs:

  • Orb of Transmutation
  • Orb of Alteration
  • Regal Orb
  • Eternal Orb
  • Orb of Scouring
  • Exalted Orb
  • Divine Orb
  • Blessed Orb

Rolling for specific modifiers for Path of Exile items

When you have a good supply of the Orb listed above, you can begin customizing your Path of Exile items. Start with a Normal item and use an Orb of Transmutation to make it a Magic item. Next, use Orbs of Alteration until you get two affixes you want. Then, turn it into a Rare item with a Regal Orb. This adds another affix, so if you get one you don’t want, use an Orb of Scouring and start over. The next step is to use an Eternal Orb as a “save point” for your Path of Exile items. After this, use Exalted Orbs to max the affixes. If you get a modifier you don’t like, restore using an Eternal Orb. Finally, use Divine or Blessed Orbs to adjust the numeric values. Have fun crafting!