How to Make High Rarity Path of Exile Items Drop More Often

We already covered most of the item basics in Path of Exile in previous guides, so now it’s time to move a bit more forward. In this guide we’ll be discussing how you can get more and better Path of Exile items with the Increased Item Rarity/Quantity modifiers.


Increased Item Rarity for BETTER Path of Exile items

What is commonly called Magic Find in the game is split into two modifiers. The first one is Increased Item Rarity. This affects, as you guessed it, the Rarity of the Path of Exile items that drop. Like the other modifier, this can come from equipment, support gems, party and map bonuses, and the rarity of the monster. Note that only the IIR of the character who lands the killing blow will be used when determining the quality of the item drop. Additionally, IIR modifies on the character is subject to diminishing returns. On the other hand, party and monster rarity bonus does not diminish. Finally, IIR does not affect currency and chest drops, as well as how many items will drop.

Increased Item Quantity for MORE Path of Exile items

The other Magic Find type modifier is Increased Item Quantity. This increases how many Path of Exile items drop from monsters. Unlike IIR this modifier does not suffer from diminishing returns. After all there is no limit to how many items a monster can drop. The IIQ increases by 50% per additional party member. Like IIR, this doesn’t affect chests.