How to Set Your Passive Path to Great Path of Exile Items

Passive skills in Path of Exile are implemented in a way that can be quite daunting to first time players. Thankfully, if you take time to understand the system, it’s actually very simple. Check this guide on how you can use this system to make your good Path of Exile items greater.



Passive skill benefits to Path of Exile items

As a character goes up in level and completes specific quests, he/she will gain Passive Skill Points that can be used on the Passive Skill “Tree.” This network is composed of nodes that either give direct increases to attributes (10 per node) or give a passive buff. More importantly, passive skills stack with modifiers found on Path of Exile items.

Navigating the skill web for better Path of Exile items

What makes the Skill Web intimidating is how spread out it is. However, if you notice, the nodes are only grouped in two ways: clusters and lines. Nodes that give passive buffs are found in clusters. Lines that connect these clusters are filled with raw attribute nodes. If you wish to make the most of your Path of Exile items, it is a good idea to pick your passive path appropriately.