How to Use Skill Gems in Your Path of Exile Items

Gems in Path of Exile are not just cosmetic or give small statistical boost. Of the various Path of Exile items, they are one of the most important. This is due to the Active Skills and power-ups they provide. To know more about skill gems, continue reading.



Equipping skill gems in your Path of Exile items for experience

Skill gems need to be placed in sockets of the same color to get any benefit from them. By equipping them, they also gain experience alongside the character. Note however that they will only receive exp if the Path of Exile items they are on are equipped. If the item goes into the weapon slot, then it has to be the active weapon slot. Additionally, they gain experience even if the character does not receive any. Gems also receive a 10% exp bonus.

Considerations before upgrading your skill gem Path of Exile items

Once the gem obtains enough experience, a player can then upgrade it by clicking on the icon that will show up on the right of the screen. This increases the gem’s level. Like most Path of Exile items, this improves the effects it has, in this case, the skill or augmentation it gives. Gems also have requirements that go up along with its level. If a character cannot meet this requirement if the gem is upgraded, then the level-up icon will be grayed out.