Hunting Path of Exile Items with the Deadly Shadow Hybrid Class

Like the darkness that embraces him, the Shadow class of Path of Exile specializes in quick devastating attacks before targets know what hit them. This is further supplemented by being a Hybrid class that excels in both Dexterity and Intelligence. The lawlessness of Wraeclast only made this fearsome class become one of the most deadly types of Exile.

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Pure damage for POE Items

Dexterity builds are often associated with lots of damage and critical hits. It is also a favorite attribute of collectors of POE items that wish to avoid damage. Combine this with a focus on Intelligence that can help keep a class alive with spells, or pump out even more damage, and you have the recipe for a heavy damage dealer. This is exactly what the Shadow class is. A nimble glass cannon that dominates all opposition it meets.

Getting Path of Exile items through Shadow

As a fragile, but heavy damage dealer, a Shadow player needs to play smartly. Thankfully, this class has access to various traps and mines. These helps the Shadow easily control the flow of battle. Having expertise in the Dexterity attribute also increases the dodge and evasion rates of the Shadow. The high Intelligence of this class also gives him better Energy Shield values. The starting stats of the Shadow are 14 Strength, 23 Dexterity and 23 Intelligence.

When using this class you will need to look for daggers or claws. While players are not limited to these Path of Exile items, the Shadow works well with fast-hitting weapons. For armor to modify with Path of Exile Orbs, be on the lookout for Masks, Mitts and Boots. The Shadow can also wear Jackets, Coats, Raiments and Garbs. Occasionally, you may need extra defense. For this, a Spiked Shield may come in handy.