Hunting POE Credits with Modifiers

Modifiers generally change various aspects of the entity they are affecting as you hunt for POE Credits. Most commonly modifiers apply stats, however they can also apply buffs or grant skills and can often be found on items, monsters, strongboxes or areas.

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A modifier should be seen as an instance of change applied to an entity. A basic modifier does nothing on its own; it is given the effect by the associated stats, buffs and skills.

Stat Modifiers for POE Credits

It is also distinguished between implicit and explicit modifiers which are visually separated on items descriptions. For stats modifiers include a minimum and maximum value, which is most commonly found on Item Affixes – the actual value of the stat in the cases where minimum and maximum are not the same will be randomized within, so for example a Stat with a minimum value of 1 and a maximum value of 3, can either be 1, 2 or 3. If a buff is specified, Modifiers also include a value for the buff, but unlike for Stats it is not randomized and fixed.

If a skill is specified, the specified skill (at the specified level) will be granted to the relevant entity. The skill does not include values as they’re defined by the skill level directly. Often this is found on items, where they grant skills, such as The Whispering Ice unique item.

Note that the effects of a modifier may be hidden, as some stats do not have direct description/translation visible to the player.

Implicit Modifiers for POE Currency

Implicit modifiers always spawn on entities before the addition or change of additional modifiers. On monsters, implicit modifiers can be very commonly found. For example, some monsters are granted damage conversion which converts their inherent damage to that of another element for POE Currency.

However, on unique monsters and bosses implicit are most notable – for example most bosses are granted a boost to their item rarity and item quantity as well as other bonuses such as on Atziri.

On items, visible implicit modifiers are most commonly found on:

  • Rings
  • Amulets
  • Belts
  • Quivers
  • Most weapons
  • Shields (except Tower Shields and Bucklers)
  • Specific body armour (Astral Plate, Assassin’s Garb, Occultist’s Vestment, and Carnal Armour.)

Shields and body armour also commonly have a hidden movement speed penalty modifier.