Hunting Prisoners in the Prison Beast – Path of Exile Guide

In venturing in the prison to hunt for POE Currency, there are monsters in the zone you can kill. These monsters will give you loots. In the prison gate and inside the prison, you will encounter different kinds of monsters which can give you the loots you need or the source of items.

Prison Beast

The List below is the monsters you can slay to get the items you need;

Bestiaries in the Prison

First on the list is the;

  • Sand Spitter – the sprawling pale sands and cliffs of Wraeclast’s beaches hide a malevolent terror, the Sand Spitter. Part crustacean, part insect, these vile creatures plague the ocean side, emerging in huge multitudes from beneath the surface to ambush their prey.
  • Zombies – the bloated, rotted corpses that wander the swamps and bogs of Wraeclast. They may lack agility, but the dark corruption animating them imbues them with tremendous strength and ferocity.
  • Skeletons – the dark necromancy infusing Wraeclast gives no respite to its countless dead. In the still of midnight or in the bright light of day, the bodies of the fallen walk with frenetic animation.
  • Hellion – their faces are an enigma, neither dog nor feline, but something unnervingly right in between. At first I see only two of these beasts, but soon the hackles on my neck rise and I turn quickly to find three more slinking up behind me. They have me surrounded.
  • Brutus – Axion Prison has been held by countless men over the ages, anyone living today can only recall one name: Brutus. He was the overseer of Axion Prison when Wraeclast’s old men were just children, and he is the overseer to this day.

Finding yourself a good spot for these monsters can give you great items and money. If your class has the ability or skills with AoE, it is better to farm with it since it will save you time rather than killing them, individually.

In the Prison

As you progress your hunt in for Path of Exile Currency you earn Gold as well since you kill monsters around you. You can sell it in the auction house or trade with other players. In this kind of profiting you helped players who are looking for items they need and at the same time you get yourself a profit thru your hard work in grinding.