Item Level Guide for your Path of Exile Credits Hunting

With the variety of items in Path of Exile, it can be very confusing to pick which items are ideal for spending your Orbs on. Knowing the Item Level of your Path of Exile Currency can help determine which ones deserve an upgrade. Read on to find out more about Item Levels.

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Finding the Item Level of your Path of Exile items

Even though the Item Level is an important statistic of many items, it is not displayed on the item itself. To find this value, you can use any of the ways below:

  • Click an item and type /itemlevel into the chat box. The item level will then be reported in the chat box.
  • Mouse-over a linked item in chat, and press CTRL + C. The item’s information will be copied to your clipboard, including the Item Level.
  • In a trade, hold ALT while you mouse-over an item. The Item Level will show up beside the cursor.

How Item Level affects POE Currency

Item Level affects two very important properties of POE Credits. First, what affixes the item gets, and second, how many sockets it will have. For affixes, Magic and Rare Path of Exile items can only receive affixes equal to or less than the item’s Item Level. For sockets, the game uses the chart below:

Max # of Sockets* Minimum Item Level
1 1
2 1
3 15
4 28
5 35


*Limits per item type still apply.