The Land of the Damned – Hunters of POE Currency Guide to Wraeclast

New Path of Exile players will find their characters washed ashore a forsaken beach at the start of the game. From that point on, they have to struggle to survive in the land of Wraeclast. What secrets and challenges this land holds, we will explore. We’ll go through the Acts collectors of POE Currency will encounter as they live a new life in this harsh land.

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First taste of POE Currency

The life of an Exile is hard and reaching Wraeclast is as deadly living in it. Players will find their Exile washed up the forsake shores of the land of the damned once they enter the first Act of the game. Called The Shore, hunters of Path of Exile items, will need to survive in the harsh beaches and cliffs of Wraeclast. Here they will battle the undead, fearsome goatmen, the spirits of those who were claimed by the waves and other survivors. This is also where players will learn the basics of the game, including item modding with Path of Exile items.

Getting POE Credits in Act II

The City of Sarn used to be the capital of the Eternal Empire. Now it is a hotbed for multi-sided battles. Beneath the ruined carcass of a city lurks the Undying monsters that were once the proud citizens of this great metropolis. Above soldiers from Oriath have come to wage war against twisted insects, murderous Ribbons and groups of Exiles who have settled on an isle in the river.

The second Act of the game sees the player’s Exile move from the shores to the Forest. Players will now need to battle against undead skeletons amongst the ruins of civilization. Groups of bandits also prowl the forests and riverways if the monstrous beasts that dwell within do not chance upon them. Exiles however can find a small village deep in the forest for refuge and rest from POE Credits.