Laying Mines for Tactical Gathering in Path of Exile

If you like to take your time and strategize in Path of Exile, then Mines are for you. In this article we’ll show you have to use this spell type, and how to power them up with Path of Exile Currency .


Strategical play with mines

Mines are entities that can be placed by players on the ground under their character. Unlike traps, they don’t have an arming type. They are also invisible however and will cast a spell when detonated. To detonate a mine after it has been placed, the character only needs to use the Detonate mines skill. Note that this will detonate ALL of them which the character has placed. When farming for Path of Exile items, use mines when you have access to areas with a chokepoint, or when kiting bosses.

Doing this kind of activity in hunting and farming is effective especially if you’re using a character with high mobility. Luring the enemies in your mines and traps will surely get the kill. Its a great thing that this kind of farming technique is getting recognized by the player who can’t grind that well.

Others may say that it will require a lot of work to plant them and lure enemies to it but it is worth it for sure.

Improve mines

To have access, characters need to socket a Freeze of Smoke Mine in their POE Currency. They can also link a Remote Mine Support Gem to turn active skills into a mine. Use the skill will then place a mine instead of casting the ability directly.  Mines use the player’s modifiers and buffs when casting the skill, so improve your equipment will improve mines. There are also passives that increase the number of mines you have out as well as other stats in the game.