League Challenges for Path of Exile Items

Challenges are objectives exclusive to challenge leagues. Unlike achievements, they are tied to their specific league and cannot be completed after the league ends. Completing challenges results in the player receiving a badge in front of their name with a number reflecting how many challenges s/he has beaten in the current challenge leagues.


In playing with the league, there are various POE Items you can get as a reward.

Depending on the league, players who achieve a high enough number of completed challenges may receive additional tokens of recognition such as T-shirts or unique item skins.

POE Items: League Challenges

Anarchy and Onslaught

The Anarchy and Onslaught leagues were introduced with version 0.11.0 and ran from June 5 2013 to October 8 2013. 61 players completed all eight challenges.


  • Slay the 13 rogue exiles. This can only be completed in Anarchy, as this is the only league where rogue exiles appear.
  • Own a specific set of 90 unique items at the same time. You must have all 90 items in your possession when the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues end.
  • Use each of the 23 currency items. Mirror of Kalandra is excluded.
  • Reach level 60 in Onslaught with each class. If the character dies after reaching level 60, you won’t lose the achievement.
  • Use vendor recipes to obtain each of 34 categories of item.
  • Use each of the 54 maps.
  • Fully clear each area. This can be accomplished in any difficulty. (To see how many monsters are left in an area, type /remaining)
  • Allocate all notable and all keystone passive skills. A green check mark will appear next to skills you have taken. The check mark remains even if the skill is refunded or the character deleted.

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