Lore of the Warden: POE Currency Hunt

Every land needs a prison, and Wraeclast was no exception. Axion Prison has been held by countless men over the ages, anyone living today can only recall one name: Brutus. He was the overseer of Axion Prison when Wraeclast’s old men were just children, and he is the overseer to this day. Mothers get their children to behave by telling them that Brutus will come to see them. He is Wraeclast’s boogeyman.

poe currency in the prison

Overpowered Prison for POE Currency

Brutus ran Axion Prison with a legendary cruel streak. Under his stewardship he was haunted by POE Currency hunters, not a single soul escaped its soaring walls, and men were terrified at the prospect of a term inside. Alas, even great, terrible men cannot conquer the ravages of time, and as Brutus’ years drew to a close, he became steadily more deranged and dangerous. He began to invite practitioners of dark, fel arts to the prison to experiment on his captives, and eventually, in a desperate bid to extend his own waning life, he allowed them to experiment on him.

For days the halls of Axion echoed with Brutus’ awful shrieking, and when it was over, he was transformed into a hideous, hulking mutant. As the Necromancers crowded around to witness the results of their twisted endeavor, Brutus burst free from his bonds and descended on them with savagery. Their aged, frail bodies offered little resistance to his assault, and within moments the chamber was drenched in Necromancer blood. Brutus then tore through the entire level of the prison, leaving none alive in his merciless rampage.

Fate of the Lore in the Hands of the Hunters

When word of the slaughter reached the lower levels, the remaining guards made the only choice left to them. They barred the gates, locking the monster in the topmost level of Axion Prison. It did not take long for Brutus to realize he was trapped, and in his mad rage to escape, he pounded his mighty fists into a raw meaty pulp on the jail walls. So far, the gates have held, and Brutus remains sealed away, unable to inflict further carnage. Time has not diminished his anguish, and woe be unto anyone foolish enough to engage him in combat.