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An exclusive look at a new Forsaken Master for Path of Exile’s upcoming content patch has been posted. The third master revealed, Elreon, Loremaster, will give players challenging missions revolving around relics. This master will also allow players of the game to craft and customize jewelry POE Currency.

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Buy modafinil india, Buy modafinil uk amazon

The Loremaster Elreon was once a part of the Templar order before he was exiled to Wraeclast. His beliefs shaken, he now seeks death and martyrdom to finally stand at God’s side. Players will encounter this master in the game protecting various relics against hordes of monster out to corrupt the holy items. It is through these events that players will be able to gain his favor.

Seeking martyrdom, Elreon often seeks relics to protect against hordes of enemies. Players seeking to gain reputation with this master will need to assist him in these encounters. These relic missions vary wildly. Some will have the player protect multiple relics from a large enemy force to single relic defense from waves of monsters. Even more variation comes in the form of destroying relics within a time limit and other missions. The relics themselves will have their effects, from beneficial auras, to relics that will attack you and your minions.

Buy modafinil india, Buy modafinil uk amazon

Having buy modafinil india in your Hideout will give you access to his Crafting Bench. The latter will allow players to dabble with Jewelcrafting. Depending on the level of Elreon, players can add mods that will be beneficial to their class on their Jewelry. Note that his mod is different from what players can usually get from POE Credits. Like will all masters, items can also be bought and customized through Elreon and his Crafting Bench.