Essential Marauder POE Items, Skill Build and Recommended Gears Guide

Marauder focuses on improving its brute strength. There are so many builds about marauder, some builds focus on dealing damage, which uses two handed weapon, but less defense. This guide, however, will cover the marauder’s weapon and shield utilization for mediocre attack damage and defense.

This build will overpower some physical damage dealing monsters.


POE Items and Necessary Gears

The build’s goal is to get as much as defense as possible, while having the damage high enough to be able to clear a mob the fastest way possible. These factors are required to farm POE items and later on sell it on the auction house for daily income.

Let’s start with the necessary path of exile items and gears for this build:

1 h weapon – marauders weapons are flexible, as it can be axe, mace and sword. Look for a weapon that has the maximum damage output, although, it’s recommended to get the Gale Crusher Vaal Sceptre.

Chest – Every armor fits perfectly, but if you have extra currency, try getting yourself an armor with life, and resists. This build will not take Iron reflexes on the passive tree; if possible try investing for a nice astral plate in the late game to compensate.

Shield – Keep in mind that the build’s goal is to be as tanky as possible. Investing for shields that have life, resists and block chance is a huge table turner.

Boots – The boots is pretty much the same as armor and shield. It also needs armor, life resists and movement speed. If you’re luxurious, try getting a Rainbowstride boots, it has a feature that lets you block spells.

Gloves and Helmet – Look for armour, life, reists, mana leech, attack speed and flat physical damage.

Belt – Find a rustic sash belt with additional life, armor, weapon, elemental damage and resists.

Passive Skill Build in Coordination with POE Items

The build primarily uses infernal blow as its main damage dealing skill. On the other hand, the passive skill build focuses on getting as much as armor, life, resist and damage as possible.

Marauder Passive Skill Build

Essential POE Items or Skill Gems

For skill gems try getting these:

6L: Infernal Blow

4L: Reduced Mana

4L: Blood Magic

4L: Vengeance

4L: Blood Magic

3L: Leap Slam