Meet Catarina, Master of the Dead – Path of Exile Discussion

Grinding Gear Games in cooperation with MMORPG has released information for Path of Exile’s upcoming content patch. Catarina, Master of the Dead is the fourth master for the Forsaken Masters content update. Players will help her with her nefarious experiments with the undead. In turn, she will help you with crafting spell casting POE Currency.


Undead Experiments

Players who encounter Catarina will be given missions that revolve around her experiments with the undead. Characters will often be tasked with finding a corpse, reanimating it and bringing it back to the Witch master. However, the corpses will not always be a simple walking sack of flesh. Players can expect the walking dead to have debuffs that will cause the trip back to be a challenge. In some missions, reanimating the target corpse will cause monsters to spawn and attack you until you reach Catarina.

Reanimating corpses are not the only missions the Master of the Dead will send you out on. Expect tasks where characters need to slay corrupted corpses for information. Others will include taking corpses to totems as part of an experiment. All these will cause Catarina to gain reputation and favor with you.

Master of the Dead

As players complete more missions and level up Catarina, they will gain access to her Crafting Bench. Here players can craft spell casting gear such as staves, wands and the like. Like the other masters, players will be able to place crafted mods for their spell casting gear. Note that these modifiers are separate from those added by Path of Exile Currency.

Catarina, Master of the Dead, resides in the Felshrine Ruins. Upon reaching Master Level 3 she will allow you to make the site your Hideout as well. As you gain more favor from her, she will also let you place more necromancer type decorations to the ruins.