Monster Level Guide to Collectors of Path of Exile Items

Similar to item levels, monsters in Path of Exile also have a monster level. This factors in several of the game’s calculations, notably how Path of Exile items are generated. Follow this guide for more information that can help you understand how this value works.



How to find the monster level while looking for Path of Exile items

All zones that can be explored in the game have an associated monster level. This determines how tough an area is for the player, and the general level of the monsters in it. To view this value, simply press tab. The monster level should show up in the top-right of the screen along with other information. This is critical when you’re hunting for Path of Exile items or just want to know if your character can survive the area. Monster levels are pre-determined per zone and will increase as you go further in the game. It starts with 1 for The Twilight Strand and goes up to 68 for The Upper Sceptre of God. The difficulty also ramps up this value.

The effects on Path of Exile items caused by monster level

Aside from the obvious statistical gains, monster level also governs a monster’s rarity and affixes. More importantly, this affects the item level of Path of Exile items found in chests and those dropped by monsters. Normal monsters use their monster level while Magic ones add one to this value. Finally, Rare and Unique monsters use monster level +2 for item levels.